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update: 27 September 2020

Soft had left Comic Chat several years ago, (CA 2000). From what is understood, she became the manager of a horse ranch somewhere in Texas and is having the time of her life! (Thus the riding clothes in her comic character). Mermaid Elizabeth is currently maintaining this website. Since all of the people who were given the .BGB maker by Microsoft for BETA testing are no longer involved with Microsoft 'Comic' Chat, Mermaid has created a webpage for downloading instructions on how to create awesome/usable backgrounds for Comic Chat!.

Now earlier, Mermaid shared this program with another indivdual who immediately shared it with others. None of these people have taken the time to read the instructions! As a consequence, we now have a lot of bad distorted backgrounds being used in Comic Chat. Mermaid refuses to link to them!

PLEASE, if you wish to create AWESOME backgrounds, take the time to read the instructions. Pay special attention to the "Helpful Tips".

Click Here for Instructions & Tips

If you wish to have your backgrounds posted here, if they are not infringing on others copyrights, you may send them to Mermaid Elizabeth for conversion to the .bgb format. (address is posted on the bottom of this page).

Please send your work in .Zip format,.

For best results:
~ Send original computer generated artwork in it's original file format.
~ Oringinal scanned artwork in it's scanned .TIF format.
~ Original Photos in their original .JPG format.

Please include within your email message the name you prefer
for the background and the name of it's creator.
The more orignal the file is, the better the bgb background quality it will become!

Mermaid Elizabeth reserves the right to reject any material she deems
inappropriate for 'Comic Chat' without comment.

Remember to .ZIP your creations prior to 'attaching' them to your email message.