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This webspace once posted background .BGB format files used exclusively
in the chat program 'Microsoft Chat 2.5'. In order to view AND use these files,
one must first have the program '
Microsoft Chat 2.5' installed.

All of the .BGB file content that was once posted here on has
been re-posted by the diligent staff of the 'Phoenix-Online-Nexus' site!

Phoenix Staff

Click below to access:
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At this time, I would like to thank all of the people from the Comic Chat community that
have entrusted me these many years now with your graphics to convert and post for
use as background files for the Microsoft Comic Chat program!

My current job managing a horse ranch here in the United States has taken a lot of my
free time away. Therefore, I have been absent for a long time now on account of it.

My dad often called me 'Soft Green Eyes", thus back in the 90's when I first discovered
Comic Chat, I chose the name 'Soft" to use within the Comic Chat community as homage to him.

Please continue in your creations of both the Comic Chat character (.AVB) and background (.BGB) files!
Comic Chat still works wonderfully on all platforms of Windows.
It is also being used in Linux using the Wine program!

#Color_Comics Gang Dancing
Some of the original gang from #Color_Comics, dancing!
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This Domain,, will remain active until July 30, 2025.
That's when the current registration expires!
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