Satellite Page - Updated: 25 December 2021

These files are 'Background/Backdrop' pictures for use in the chat program
'Microsoft Comic Chat V2.5'
Download and 'save' them to your 'COMICART' folder!

C:\Program Files\Chat\COMICART
- or -
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Chat\COMICART

Click each picture to download the .BGB file

QnsChristmasFire      QnsChristmasStar      QnsPresentCity      QNs_IslandCastle      Vikings_Waterfall

DS_Myrtles1      DS_Myrtles2      DS_Myrtles3      SD_Collinwood      SD_Yellowstone

Flintstone1      Flintstone2      Flintstone_Door      Idiots_Basement      MST3K

QueensSaloon      DelphiaTheater      FenwayPark      Hells_Half_Acre      Storia

HB_lighthouse      SereneSea      ShipInStorm4Viking      Moontide

SBs_Backyard      QN_FrontPorch      QN_SanDiegoBeach      QNs_SkullWall

QNs_Dungeon      QNs_Dungeon2      QNs_Graveyard


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